QUICKBLOGS: New stuff from APES. Yes please.

QUICKBLOGS: Foreign/National are still slaying, in case you were wondering. Life Tourist is a tuuune.

QUICKBLOGS: Can croon. Jesse Davidson sounding chill on Ocean.

QUICKBLOGS: These guys are called Midnight Pool Party. That in itself is awesome, but their new track isn’t so bad either.

QUICKBLOGS:  So many colours. Thnx Moses Gunn Collective.

QUICKBLOGS: One of those bands that are always changing, Twinsy return with another unexpected track. 

QUICKBLOGS: The newest from uplifting electronic experts, Panama

QUICKBLOGS: This is Old Age from who I’m tipping to be the newest electronic/neo soul wonder, East.

QUICKBLOGS: Seen this one from Ex Cops?

QUICKBLOGS: One gorgeous rework from Wafia. Better than the original? Dare we say it?

QUICKBLOGS: Budget videoclips at their best. Watch Television from The Love Junkies.

QUICKBLOGS: The Vines have a really cool video clip out for their latest track, Metal Zone.

QUICKBLOGS: Velociraptor has done it again! Sure, it might be a different from their earlier stuff, but no one can deny their party tunes. Thanks, raptors.

QUICKBLOGS: Caitlin Park has a new video clip out. Check out Wake Up In A Whirr.

QUICKBLOGS: This wonderful independent artist hailing from Sydney deserves more recognition. Take a moment to listen.