QUICKBLOGS: What a great track Suckerpunch is. Look out as Kingswood's angtsy crowd literally punches each other out in this video.

QUICKBLOGS: Sid Pattni's clip for his latest single is definitely an interesting piece. Such a mesmerizing one - definitely artistically inspired after watching it.

QUICKBLOGS: Such a stellar track as a debut single for Sydney’s The Tambourine Girls. Spoiler: Tambourines are featured heavily throughout the track.

QUICKBLOGS: Really vibing Mac DeMarco recently, especially with all the hype he’s produced lately, and rightly so. This single has definitely got me excited for his recent album, Salad Days.

QUICKBLOGS: The guys came out of nowhere. But y’know, I think I’m believing the DMA’s hype. It’s a simple video, but matched with a killer tune - it works.