QUICKBLOGS: Any music video that pays homage to Back to the Future definitely goes well in my books. Props to you, Antiskeptic.

QUICKBLOGS: It’s no surprise why Wildcat! Wildcat!’s latest song is raking up so many hits on soundcloud. Listen and join the fan club.

QUICKBLOGS: The Strums are not messing around here. This track sure packs a lot of punch for a 3 minute song.

QUICKBLOGS: This track has got a bit for everyone. It’s a little bit pop-y, a little bit rock-y with a solid guitar solo. What’s not to love?

QUICKBLOGS: New Daniel Lee Kendall. So much love! This is Under A Spell.

QUICKBLOGS: Breathy, ambient, stunning. Come Out Wherever You Are is incredible.

QUICKBLOGS: Fancy some chilled electro vibes? Yus? Luka’s got you.

QUICKBLOGS: Circles is pure pop. And it ain’t half bad.

QUICKBLOGS: Wrap your ears around some rock, courtesy of The Devious Means.

QUICKBLOGS: Dirty, fuzzy, White Summer. 

QUICKBLOGS: Sweet tunes from MKO. Wrap yo’ ears around it.

QUICKBLOGS: New bangerz from Indian Summer. Tune in and TURN UP.

QUICKBLOGS: Electro-psych. It’s a thing now.

QUICKBLOGS: The future of the ‘Australian’ sound? Right here, with the boys from Close Counters.

QUICKBLOGS: Lush folk tunes from Big Smoke - this is Colours.